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How to Add Photos to your advert

Posted by spotties admin on January 5, 2014 at 8:15 AM

The easiest way to add a photo to your advert is to open a free account online at

From there you can upload and store your digital photographs for free.

Once uploaded to that site, if you hover your mouse over the photo you wish to include in your advert here, you will see a list of boxes appear below it.  Once of the boxes says 'Direct Link'

You need to chose Direct Link, highlight and copy the html wording inside the white box.

Once you have copied the link then you need to come to your advert on spotties4sale and click  your mouse where you want the picture to appear

On the icon line above the box you are typing your advert in you should see an icon that looks like a pale blue square TV screen. Click on this icon and open it up. You should then see a place where you can paste what you have copied from the Direct Link on Photobucket.

Once you have pasted  into the box then your Image should appear on your advert.

You may need to reduce the size but that is an easy drag and release from any corner of the picture, until you reach the size you need

It sounds complicated but really it isn't and once you have done it you will realise how simple it is

Any problem then drop us an email and we'll either help or post the Image for you

Spotties Admin


Posted by spotties admin on November 12, 2010 at 1:06 PM

Hi Everyone!


I have some good news to share with you! Dr. Rebecca Bellone and associates on the Appaloosa Project research team have just published the results of a study aimed at identifying SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) associated with Appaloosa spotting (LP).


The results of this study can be viewed in this month’s special issue of Animal Genetics: Horse Genomics and the Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation:


Animal Genetics article on recent LP research


“We have identified three polymorphisms that are in perfect association with LP in several breeds of horses," says Bellone, chief molecular biologist for the Appaloosa Project. “We will continue to work to determine the causative mutation, but in the meantime, these SNPs could be utilized to evaluate potential breeding animals.”


Why is this so exciting? These SNPs can be used to DNA test horses for LP. Since this announcement has just been made, we do not yet know of any labs that will be offering the test. However, as I learn of these I will announce that information here.


Please note that the Appaloosa Project itself will not be offering DNA testing of this kind - we must remain focused on our research work, which is ongoing. However, we are hopeful that equine DNA testing facilities will soon offer this test!


As many of you know, having the option to test a young Appaloosa will revolutionize breeding. Many horses that have inherited the LP mutation don’t display obvious coat patterning or “characteristics”. Others don’t have coat patterns that allow for easy classification of probable LP genotype by their appearance. With a DNA test for LP, breeders will no longer have to wait for horses to "colour", nor test breed in order to verify probable genotype.


Our sincere thanks to all the breeders who helped us by providing DNA samples during this study. Without your assistance, this achievement, and our final goal - the eventual identification of the LP mutation itself - would not be possible.


With much appreciation,

Sheila Archer


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