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ZfdP - Zuchtverband fuer deutsche Pferde e.V.

Posted by P. Fallows on August 15, 2010 at 1:41 PM

The ZfdP is a German breeding association working in several European countries holding at least 30 different breed studbooks.

Spotted Horse and Pony breeds are served by several studbooks:

- Knabstrupper (ZfdP holding the biggest studbook of this breed worldwidely)

- Baroque Knabstrupper (ZfdP holding EU motherbook status of this book since 2009)

- Appaloosa

- German Tiger Horse

- several other breed books allowing the leopard coat pattern in their breeding programs

For further information please have a look onto the following websites:

Main ZfdP site in German:

ZfdP site for the U.K. inspections:


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